An upgrade is available from GFI OneGuard 2.0 build 20180302 to
GFI OneGuard 2.2 build 20180917

Important notes before upgrading

Upgrade Procedure

  1. Click Download Upgrade above to download the latest build on the server where GFI OneGuard is currently installed.
  2. Download the latest build of GFI OneGuard. For more information refer to Downloading the latest version of GFI OneGuard.
  3. Right-click the newly downloaded installer and choose Properties. From the General tab, click Unblock and then Apply. This step is required to prevent the operating system from blocking certain actions by the installer.
  4. Launch the newly downloaded installer on the server where GFI OneGuard is currently installed and follow on-screen instructions to upgrade.
  5. Once the upgrade completes, test your upgraded setup by logging in to GFI OneGuard PlatformThe main component of GFI OneGuard that connects all the services offered by the product and the database that stores all collected information. using your existing credentials. For more information refer to Logging into GFI OneGuard.

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To get your new license key simply hover over the blue key button and select 'Upgrade License Key' as per screenshot above